Naveed Iqbal

The artist that brought people to tears with her animal comics is back with another heart-wrenching piece that may be her most melancholic yet.

Freelance illustrator and Digital Media student from Germany Jenny Jinya has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on numerous platforms with her animals-meet-Death comics. And if you’re alarmed by that thought, don’t be. Not only do the comics strongly advocate animal rights, but Jenny’s version of Death isn’t a villain also. Rather, a compassionate guide,…

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Well-Known Comic Artists And Celebrities Raise Awareness About What Endangers Animals In The Hope Of ‘Again writing Extinction’ (9 Comics) chit-chatting With respected Artists

2,000 hours of video calls and 22,000 emails—this is what it took for writer and producer Paul Goodenough to bring Rewriting Extinction, a collaborative charity project that has the support of some of the most well-known stars and comic artists on Earth, into existence. The project encompasses 15 charities and over 300 people from around…

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Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Animal Abuse Comics Just Released A New Tragic One About Orcas

When student and illustrator from Germany, Jenny Jinya, went viral for her ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Black Cat’ comics, she could’ve turned both of those stories into their own series. However, she took a different route. One that’s more socially responsible. “When I saw how viral my first comics went, how intensively they were discussed and…

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