The Creator Of The “Good Boy” And “Black Cat” Comics Is Back With A Sequel

Even though we’re no longer burning witches and going on crusades, some people still choose to believe in medieval superstitions. Like black cats, for example. There are countless people out there who for whatever reason still believe black cats bring bad luck. To help get rid of this ridiculous superstition, artist Jenny Jinya has created a heartbreaking “Black cat” comic and now, a month later, she’s back with a tear-jerking sequel.

This is the original Black Cat comic Jenny created about a month ago

And here’s the tear-jerking sequel

In an interview with The Oregonian, Deborah Wood, the animal services manager for Washington County, said they no longer have any hesitancy about adopting black cats at Halloween. She says that more people are coming to shelters and asking for black cats because they think the stigma surrounding them might make it harder for them to get adopted. Also, more and more shelters are asking adopters to show identification and get interviewed by staff workers.

Let’s hope we get rid of this ridiculous superstition soon!

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