Another heartbreaking comic about a black cat was just shared by the creator of the “Good Boy” comic.

Even in the 21st century, there is a superstition surrounding black cats. Some people believe they bring bad luck and simply want nothing to do with them. Sadly, this often results in a large number of black cats that are left unadopted in animal shelters. To draw more attention to this problem, Jenny Jinya, a freelance illustrator from Germany, recently shared a tear-jerking comic about a little black cat.

A little while ago, Jenny shared a similar comic featuring a puppy and a boy

“There are dozens of posters and infographics with various statistics about abandoned or abused animals. Many know the problems, but such information is quickly forgotten,” said Jenny in a recent interview with Bored Panda. The artist says that with her comics, she tries to give a voice to the victims. She wants the affected pets to be able to tell their stories and hopes that this way she can raise awareness.

People started sharing pictures of their own black kitties in response to Jenny’s comic

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